Commemorative Brick Purchases

From the beginning, one of the key markers of The WHY Project has been people rallying together to serve the common good of the Triangle. It’s always been a story of each person doing what he or she can to contribute to this big dream — trusting we can accomplish more together than we can on our own individually. By purchasing a brick, you get to put a unique stamp on the story for hundreds of thousands of people that will walk through the campus. All proceeds will go toward construction costs to help us finish the building of the Northwest Cary YMCA.




Location & Explanation

TJ Terry, Lead Strategist


Brick Ordering Information


How to purchase:
Click the “Buy a Brick” button at the bottom of this page and complete the order form through the QGiv secure payment page for The Why Project, Inc.

Choose a brick size:
There are three sizes of bricks available at three different contribution amounts:
4” x 8” - $100
8" x 8” - $250 — SOLD OUT
12” x 12” - $500 — SOLD OUT

Determine your inscription text based on the following parameters:

The 4” x 8” brick can fit a maximum of 3 lines (20 characters/spaces per line).

The 8” x 8” brick can fit a maximum of 6 lines (20 characters/spaces per line).

The 12” x 12” brick can fit a maximum of 8 lines (20 characters/spaces per line).

If you wish to purchase a brick, but do not wish to inscribe a message on the brick, you may do so by making a purchase on the form linked below, and type “Anonymous” in the first line of the inscription section.

Additional contributions:
If you would like to make an additional contribution to the project beyond the purchase of a brick, you can do so in the brick purchase form or by visiting the primary link to contribute. All brick purchases and contributions are tax deductible.

Thank you in advance for your partnership and for supporting this innovative project which will impact the Northwest Cary region for decades to come.


Are brick purchases tax deductible?

The Why Project, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization identifiable via the EIN: 47-2904262. All brick purchases, as well as any additional contributions, are entirely tax deductible. All proceeds (minus processing fees) will be used for construction costs for The Why Project.

When is the deadline to purchase a brick?

We will continue to accept orders for bricks for the foreseeable future until we run out of space to place them. However, the first order for the initial placement of bricks that will be present when the facility opens will take place on February 15th. After that initial order on February 15th, we will continue to accept orders that will be engraved and placed at a later date after the facility opens.

Where will the proceeds from the bricks go?

Proceeds from the brick campaign will be used in completing the building project as part of The WHY Project. For information about the project, visit

How many bricks are available?

A limited number of personalized engraved bricks are available and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis until the pathway is completed.

When will the bricks be installed?

Bricks will be installed in the second quarter of 2017.

Where will the bricks be installed?

Bricks are being used to form a pathway along the south side of the property in an open courtyard where everyone that visits the site will be able to view and experience community around tables and chairs in this open air environment.

Can I choose where my brick is placed?

No; bricks will be arranged based on total size and number of bricks purchased in order to build the pathway. Flexibility in placement for each brick is required to accomplish a clean and connected pathway.

Can I purchase a brick without any text engraving?

Yes. There is an option on the purchase order form to donate a brick anonymously.

Can I change my inscription if I change my mind?

Please contact if you have a need to change an order once it has been confirmed.

Can I have my personal message engraved in italics for special emphasis?

No; the engravings are limited to a consistent font in a plain style.

Can I put a personal image, graphic, or symbol on my brick?

No; the engravings are limited to text only.