Throughout the duration of the project, updates including videos, photos, and stories will be posted here. Visit this page to stay informed of the progress taking place with The Why Project Inc.


Volunteer with The WHY Project


We are excited to announce that beginning Saturday March 18th, members of the Crosspointe community and local community members in Northwest Cary will have the chance to volunteer to support The WHY Project. This is another great opportunity to participate in long-term positive change in Northwest Cary.

We have landscaping plans that have been approved by the Town of Cary and would love your help making them a reality on our site.

Here are the details for volunteering:

  • We are looking for adults, teens, and children (at least 8 years old) to sign up to serve.
  • You will be instructed by our Landscaping Architect and team leaders to follow specific instructions for planting.
  • Any child must serve alongside an adult, and should sign up as a landscaping helper on the form.
  • Here are the initial volunteer dates with varying times for serving on each day (refer to the form for available times): March 18th & 19th, and April 1st & 2nd

Whether you’re able to volunteer or not, there is an option on the form to contribute financially toward purchasing planting beds and trees for The WHY Project.

We hope you will join us as we take this tangible step toward completing The WHY Project.

Click to sign up.


We would love to involve the youngest members of our community in landscaping with a seedling day in April. Details of this opportunity will be communicated when the grounds are ready.

In the meantime, in order to provide the safest working environment on-site during the March 18th & 19th and April 1st & 2nd landscaping days, we ask that children under the age of 8 not participate.

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On-site Update: January Progress Update

Join us on-site at 6911 Carpenter Fire Station Road for a series of updates showing progress made since our last video update. TJ highlights several areas including the Wellness Floor, new YMCA Gymnasium, wooden handrails, drywall work, light fixtures, and much more.

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On-site Update: Gym Walls & Steel

Last week, the team made great progress in the new YCMA gym. This video shows that the walls are finished being tilted in the gym, and the roof decking is taking shape quickly.

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On-site Update: Glulam Beams

We've talked about Glulam Beams in previous video updates as well as in personal conversations, so in this video TJ shows the actual beams that will be put in place across the roof of the Main Street space in the new YMCA recreation building.

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On-site Update: End of August Flyover

The Why Project progress update — this video shows ground and second floor views of the large group fitness rooms & wellness floors, an overview of the entire site, and a fly-through view of "Main Street" that leads into the new Atrium/Café area. For all updates on The Why Project, visit thewhyproject.net/updates.

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