Throughout the duration of the project, updates including videos, photos, and stories will be posted here. Visit this page to stay informed of the progress taking place with The Why Project Inc.


On-site Update: Inside Main Street

TJ Terry shows the area called "Main Street" giving a glimpse at what will be the central hub of traffic inside the YMCA side of the new facility. Watch this video to catch up on some of the progress on-site so far, and as always check back for more updates on thewhyproject.net.

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On-site Update: Time Lapse Wall Construction

This time lapse footage was captured over the last three weeks of work on site at Crosspointe. It's amazing to see the progress in just a few weeks of having Citadel's crane on site tilting panels into place forming the structure for the new buildings.

Stay tuned at thewhyproject.net for all of the most recent updates.

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Crane Setup Time Lapse Video

We've talked about the arrival of The MEGA Crane. Now, in under 3 minutes of video time lapse footage, watch the MEGA crane assembly. Follow along at thewhyproject.net for additional updates.

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On-site Update: Tilt Up Panels

This week's progress is marked by the completion of over 100 poured concrete wall panels. More panels will be poured in the coming weeks, but we wanted to take a moment to explain the process. In this video, TJ Terry describes the process for the Tilt-up Concrete Panel construction method that Crosspointe is using in order to erect external and internal walls for the new buildings. The pouring of these wall panels is in preparation for the crane to arrive and begin lifting walls into place. Check back soon for an update on the crane's progress.

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Recycle & Reuse: Trees

The US EPA estimated that just in 2003 alone, US companies generated 170 million tons of building-related construction and demolition waste per year. We want to make a positive impact on that statistic.

Many of the natural resources on the construction site are being repurposed during the project, saving money on transportation costs, removal fees, and providing a clear channel for reuse.

Many of the hardwoods that were necessarily cut down to make room for the new building footprints have been saved for use throughout the campus. Take a look at the updated progress photos showing the trees that will be used in slab-cut form for conference tables, coffee tables, bar-height table tops, and more. Additionally, some of those trees will be used for trim board and building materials throughout the broader project.

We have partnered locally with Quarter Sawn Oak, out of New Hill, North Carolina, to prepare the logs for reuse in the building project.

Follow along at thewhyproject.net for future updates on how The Why Project is staying green.

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Construction Progress Update: Feb 2016

Ecclesia Construction has continued to make significant progress on the overall site work including, footings for the YMCA recreation building, storm sewer and utility progress, as well as, building a retaining wall to support the new access road from Indian Wells Rd to Carpenter Fire Station Rd.

The Why Project is still raising funds to complete this project, which includes a YMCA recreation center, swimming pool, student center, etc. To partner with the vision and mission of this project, visit the contribute link on thewhyproject.net.

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